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5 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks To Save Your Time and Life

Taking care of your home cleaning responsibilities can be a tiring task, but there are quite a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself. Come join in today!

Published On: 10/2/2019

By: Chance Herriage

Hey, my name is Chance Herrigae and I am the owner of Lubbock Maids. We focus heavily on being efficient and showing our clients how to save themselves time between the Lubbock, Texas home cleanings that they schedule.

Today, we are going to be opening our doors and revealing five of our favorite tips and tricks that our teams have come across. By allowing very open communication between all parts of Lubbock Maids we consistently find improvements and efficiencies that can save hundreds of minutes a year and that is what we will be covering today.

I don't want to waste your time if you're not interested in what I have to say, so below you can see what tips I will cover. I hope you stick around!

We have: 1. Pick Up Messes As They Appear 2. Make Home Cleaning A Family Activity 3. Keep Bleach Out Of Your Cleaning Kit 4. Stick To A Laundry Schedule 5. Use Microfiber Rags

Let’s button our pants into the five home cleaning tips we suggest to all of our new clients!

1. Pick Up Messes As They Appear

vacuum picking up mess

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Until recently I personally let my messes pile up for days and every time it finally got bad enough for me to just give in, it seemed to take hours to clean up.

Why do we do that to ourselves?

Well, I was super busy and as the mess got more out of control it became harder and harder to budget the proper amount of time it would take to clean everything up.

So the final judgment?

I just couldn't be bothered with what else was going on in my life and I'm never surprised when others can't either. Instead of just letting everything fester and pile up all around our homes.

It's easier and quicker to clean up as the messes are made.

Eat dinner? Wash/load the dishes you used as soon as you are done eating. You don't have to do it before you eat because you should enjoy your food while it's warm, but it only takes a few seconds to rinse them off and toss them in the washer when you're done!

Open birthday gifts with the whole family? Toss a few bags around the room and bag the trash as you go. Then when it's all said and done everyone will have their own bag that they can just grab and haul to the garbage so that they can resume playing instead of having to clean up for thirty minutes.

Not only do you prevent a massive mess spread all throughout your beautiful home, but you will also likely get some help from everyone. They are all in good moods and (hopefully) are ready to spend time with their amazing family members.

2. Make Home Cleaning A Family Activity

home cleaning is a family activity

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If you've got a big family it most likely feels like you can turn your back for fifteen seconds and when you turn back around your home is suddenly trashed.

How can you prevent it?

You can't, but you can mitigate the massive impact it would have on your life by bringing all of your family members into the cleaning process.

Have kids? Don't just give in and clean their room for them, teach them to value the cleanliness of their living space.

With enough time you won't even have to tell them to clean up and they will simply take care of it because they've grown to love a sparkling clean room.

It's said to take 21 times to form a habit, but from our experience, it takes far fewer attempts to begin expecting a clean living area. If it doesn't go well the first time, don't just give up. The payoff is so worth the few minutes invested.

Another benefit of having each family member clean up the messes they've made is that no one ever feels like they are cleaning up more than they should have to. The required cleaning time will decrease, the frustration about having to clean will decimate, and most importantly, everyone will be happier living in a clean home.

Teaching one to clean up the messes they create by living, a self-independence will be instilled in your little one. By learning to clean up the issues one has created for themselves, you will see an increase in problem-solving and issue-resolving in all facets of life, and the understanding of dealing with the consequences that they've created for oneself. It's a win-win-win.

Plus, instead of missing out on family time due to cleaning. You get an increase in family time and I've never met a family member that wasn't wanted more valuable time with their loved ones.

Do you know how to make supplies that are safe for the family and make cleaning easy? If not, don't worry. We've got you covered.

3. Keep Bleach Out Of Your Home Cleaning Kit

bleach is pretty dangerous

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Bleach is one of those things that those of us that clean either love or hate. So, let me explain a little where the feelings come from.

For some, bleach is believed to be the only solution that will offer a "deep" clean. That's simply not true. With modern-day cleaning supplies like Lysol, you can get a clean to the same quality, without running the risk of damaging you, your health, or your precious belongings.

At Lubbock Maids we have gone full eco-friendly to ensure we never ruin any of our clients' furniture, flooring or belongings.

As well as, by removing bleach from your basket of supplies, it removes the only possible downside of making cleaning a family activity as we covered just a second ago. By switching over to eco-friendly products you don't have to worry about your little ones going crazy and accidentally getting some cleaner on your carpet or on furniture that bleach would ruin.

Even for the things that require a little more elbow grease, you still don't NEED bleach to get an incredible clean. A perfect example of this is cleaning showers and bathtubs.

There are many that suggest using bleach, or a product with bleach in it to quickly clean your bathtub. But, instead of risking your health you could use

Bar Keepers Friend (BKF) which is an incredible little powder that you just shake into the tub, wet with a little water, and give a light scrub to the surface of your bathtub. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, rinse and then bam! Your bathtub is sparkling clean with as little effort as bleach would have required.

Bon Ami is another popular alternative to Bar Keepers Friend, but our teams have preferred BKF time after time. Having said that, if you would prefer something that feels and smells a little less harsh, but still gives you an amazing clean. It is something that you may want to try.

4. Stick To A Laundry Schedule

scheduling laundry is easy

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The most common thing we hear from our clients is the incredible amount of laundry they have to do. The amount of times I've heard "I don't have time to wash all my clothes in a single day." is exactly why Lubbock Maids added a laundry service. But, to be completely honest. You could save your money and take care of it yourself for much cheaper.

By choosing a day of the week to do your laundry, the stress of doing your laundry melts away. But, setting a schedule only really works if you dedicate yourself to throwing your clothes in the washer every week. You can click here to see an easy way to set a laundry schedule.

Now, you may be thinking "Yeah okay, but that means I have to fold my clothes every single week." And, you're right. But, because you would be doing it every week it would only take a couple of minutes to fold all of them. Even if you changed clothes twice a day, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to fold ALL of the clothing that you wore throughout the week.

Another aspect of a laundry schedule that I always suggest is to choose a different day for every member of your household.

This way, you never have to get mad at one person because their clothes are sitting in the dryer and preventing someone else from starting their laundry. Instead, you can just throw your clothes in the washer when you wake up or get home from work.

30 minutes to an hour later toss it in the dryer. In the meantime, grab yourself some dinner or just relax and listen to the beautiful white-noise of your clothes tumbling around the dryer.

Then, as soon as you hear the ding from your dryer. Just hop up and knock it out real quick.

This way, you start your "laundry" week with a freshly cleaned and more full wardrobe, a clothes-free floor and an empty hamper. Cleaning is all about mitigating your future work,

5. Use Microfiber Rags

Homer Simpson cleaning with what could be microfiber rags

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There's a common misconception that cleaning is expensive and requires a trip to the store every time you want to clean. But, that's not true either. By purchasing yourself a nice set of microfiber rags you will never have to spend a cent on paper towels for cleaning again.

Not only do you avoid spending a couple of dollars every time, but you also get the benefit of having to use fewer cleaning supplies.

There is something incredibly important to remember when buying your rags though. Poor quality rags are just as bad and wasteful as paper towels. I highly suggest you don't just go buy the cheapest rags you can find, and instead head over to Amazon where you will find some incredible high-quality rags.

This brings the question of how do you know if a microfiber rag is "high-quality" though. And thankfully for you, it's not the price that determines that.

What does determine the quality, is a mixture of fabrics, and more importantly, the thread count. The higher the thread count, the more easily it will polish your glass and surfaces. The higher the thread count, the better the rag will polish. I don't want to lead you to think that all of your microfiber rags need to have incredibly high thread counts though. You will still want to have a couple of rags that are "lower-quality" for that general cleaning and extreme mess clean-up.

Another incredibly important aspect of microfiber rags that you want to watch for is ones that are "lint-free". Buying rags that aren't lint-free will just introduce more work and will make you think I lead you astray. So, don't skip over this part of the search. It is just as important as the thread count.

Okay, so we know we want a high thread count and want lint-free, but what else do you need to consider?

One last thing and you will be nearly a microfiber expert.

If you don't want to keep track of which rags to use where which blend will offer the best clean. You can go with an all-around amazing blend.

For cleaning your home I always suggest 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide. From my experience is the perfect combination that will let you use the same rag for surface cleaning and glass cleaning.

Still, there are a couple of different versions you can go with. You could choose a fuzzy microfiber rag that will really get you some usage out of the rag. Carry less, worry about keeping up with fewer rags and overall less frustration. But, have a really bad mess and you will find yourself wanting a few rags you can just use to soak it up.

That's why we need a combo.

The combo I am talking about is what we call a "no-fuzz" rag. It is the same mixture of materials but will give you a much different type of clean. It's something you just have to try for yourself!

it's so easy image

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It’s Really That Easy

As you can see, none of these tips are super complex. But, by adding even one of these tips to your cleaning routine, you will save an incredible amount of hours every year. Plus, you don't have to wake up mad because your home is covered in things you've been procrastinating or don't want to pick up.

If you would like me to send you links to any of the information I've covered in this post, just send me a message and I would be more than happy to direct you towards extremely high-quality products that don't break the bank.

Let me know what you think about these tips. Whether you agree or disagree, I'd love to see why you believe what you do in the comments below!